Oh December!
This year is drizzling out, a bit slow for my tastes, but we are approaching the big calendar flip and I am quite ok with saying see ya' to this year. 
I am going out quietly in one way. I have one show left in the year of my material. KEVIN QUAIN and I will do one last Wednesday  at the Gate and that's all folks. 
I will let you know what the new year looks like soonish.
I am very thrilled to say I get to usher the year out with my pals from the WHERE HAVE ALL THE FOLKSONGS GONE show. Yes indeed, we will sing all the coffee house circa 1965 hits, have a big old buffet and toast with champers at 12- then be in bed by 1- very dignified! 
I have not played a New Years gig in a million years.
If you like the singing alonging, if you are a buffet person, if you like a fun, mellow NYE, just come to the Free Times on the 31st.
Ok, enjoy the dissolving year..