See You Soon TO

I am in the HUGE Atlanta airport on the way home.

No heroic sprint this time, just good coffee and a nap. Had shrimp and grits in the New Orleans airport to say good bye properly. I am happily exhausted and won’t make sense of it all for a few days.

The Folk Alliance Conference has been a blast and was well worth using as a cover to return to Nola. These pics are mostly of the perfect last night party at Tipitina’s, a fitting finale to some perfectly magical trip.

Yesterday was a challenge and a success, a swing and a miss and a lemonade making day. Heard some fantastic music in the morning, all local artists, got my muffuletta from Napoleon House, my last French Truck Coffee and a hilarious end of night personal Bourbon St promenade. But my car rental fell through and that meant no Lower 9th Ward visit. Totally frustrating. I have never had a car on New Orleans and was looking forward to tooling around and seeing things. I admit it- I had a little cry. Averaging 4 hours of sleep for a week will do that to you. But I solved it through my tears and then made some new ones.

I will post more this week to flesh out some of the best moments but the flight is being called and I must make my way from 10 plus to, according to my phone, 1 plus. Back to reality, my bed, my country and no more counting pennies. See you soon TO.

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