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I have landed! 

I have landed.

Wow it was snowy at Pearson last night. I was amazed we took off at all. We did lose an hour to de-icing, so that was fun. Lots of people lost their connections in Atlanta. I was insanely determined to not be that person. I had 20 mins to orient myself in a HUGE airport, find a down escalator, jump on a train, change into my run-friendly shoes, find up escalators after only finding down ones, find I went wrong way, turn around and, like a great movie, I could see Gate 30 and I literally (correct usage, I guarantee) had 2 minutes to cover 7 gates.

Success, wheeze, wheeze...they have my aisle seat away, but I got on the plane darn it. Found a shuttle. Listened to the driver’s familiar, distinctive New Orleans patter.

I landed on the biz side of the Quarter but I spent my first night in the 9th Ward so I took my first walk across the Quarter in years. It looks a little ragged for my memory but she has been through much- we should all wish to age so well. I was strategically passing by Cafe du Monde but the line-up was insane. I will sait that deep craving later today. Grabbed pizza and my first walking beverage- an Abita Amber.

I am home. At least home to a part of me.

I believe I will find her in a few hours, right behind a tuba. In the meantime, I am hanging with my photo-averse Mom-South SueSue and her many cats and ridiculously good coffee. I slept well to the sounds of string winds and boats moving through the very canal that caused such havoc so long ago. It’s a good start.

Night Before 

Here is a little opening blog about symmetry. I sit here on Jan 17th, one more sleep away (snow storm willing) of heading to New Orleans for the first time in 17 years. I like it. It's even- even with two odd numbers. Auspicious start to a trip I have wanted to take for so long. I have been to this magical city many times. Why did I even first visit, you may ask. Hmm. It goes way back to my youth. One year of university under my belt, I still felt a bit lost. In Canada that usually means one of two things- you go to Europe or to Banff. Some of my friends went Europe, my friend Jan and I went Banff. Loved it. Loved the mountains and the whole very West of where I grew up-ness of it all. I did many jobs there and one was as a host for corporate bus tours. Happened to work one such gig and met a father/ son team from New Orleans. They were very sure I should visit New Orleans, that it would make a difference.  Had never thought about that town til then. We, the son and I, corresponded for awhile and before I knew it, I was headed there for Mardi Gras. There is no short way fo making sense of Mardi Gras or New Orleans or any of it really. I had this first visit and the seed was planted. The city has become a sort of North Star for me. It came out of nowhere and eventually I lived there for a few years and I feel I came of age- again- there. You can shed your innocence many times. You can pick many stops along the line of growing up for tossing out what no longer fits, for taking on new looks. I did a whole bunch of that there and most of it I did while dancing, while following tubas down streets and not caring what I was 'supposed' to be doing. Instead, I followed my heart, my intuition, my energy. It led to some crazy places. Living there was constantly surreal. I was out of my city, province, country and often out of my mind. I spent lots of time trying to figure out if I was dealing with a US/Canada thing, a Southern thing, a black/white thing. Sometimes it was a songwriter in a groove town thing. I rode the very insane wave that it was until I could no longer then I came home. I have always said that New Orleans is where you go to discover your inner cartoon character and I think mine was Observer Girl. At least then. I was very quiet about being a musician. so it worked for me. I got to listen without performance expectations.  I needed that. I was in recovery from leaving a band that had somehow defined me. I needed out of all musical boxes and that was the town to do it in. It was easy to be Observer Girl. Fill up a glass, go up and down Bourbon St and listen to real, live musicians carve out sound. Loved it. Loved all the time I spent there, but it ended. Not so much by my choice, but I feel like it ran its course. That does not mean it was easy leaving. Nope. I did, but I still think about that city every damn day. So, this trip must happen. First time in 17  years. I am going back after Katrina so I will take some time to honour that lose. And I am just excited to walk the streets and run into the me that felt like a few years in a wild setting would set me free and open my heart and mind. So, I am poised to leave in a bunch of hours and look forward to all the who's and what's I will run into. I will keep you posted. 

And so it begins... 


New venture, adventure here. I know, I know, I know- there are so many blogs out there. I get that. I know Instagram, Twitter, Tick Tock etc are the way people get their words and even more popularly, images, around. Well, this is where I am at right now so if you are interested you will read, if not you won’t. I will write, one way or the other. Not totally even sure what the themes will be. But I need to start somewhere. I am headed to New Olreans in January . Seems a great place to start. 

See you as this unrolls, as my ramblings turn into Rumball-ings.